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Best Business Hub
works only with fully licensed Colombian medical cannabis growers together with our global reach, maximizing Colombia’s potential for Eco-growth and environmentally sustainable expansion.


We only work with experienced medical cannabis growers that have exhibited strong growth and demonstrated great potential for profitability.


Through us, you will gain exposure to investment opportunities in the multifaceted medical cannabis industry giving you a head start before many large institutional investors.


It’s important to maintain the highest of standards. We’ve assembled a focused group of professionals to oversee every step of the operations and provide ongoing investment monitoring.

The Platform
At Best Business Hub we aim to broaden the possibilities for those interested in being a part of the new economy.

The revolution brought by medical cannabis has opened the doors to a market that is still in its infancy. From a return on investment standpoint, we offer a variety of investment vehicles with outstanding returns, a steady growth plan and a carefully developed operational strategy that ensures dividend payout as early as the end of year one.

You now have the opportunity to take part in a business with an incredible forecast and unprecedented growth, and to contribute to the broadening of an industry that is changing the world.

Best Business Hub

Our core competency strives to constantly pursue innovation. This innovation will come from the perfection of revolutionary growing techniques, a direct result of the optimization of out cultivation processes. We strive to better people’s lives through the assistance of natural resources that have recently become available in many countries around the world. Cost effective product line will positively impact the environment as well as the people involved, creating a winning formula to a successful operation.

Growth and Harvesting

Best Business Hub´s platform connects well-known growers in the industry together with indigenous growers from local communities. The local indigenous communities are known for their implementation of sustainable harvesting techniques throughout Valle Del Cauca, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Valledupar, Barranquilla as well as smaller surrounding areas. Using the local workforce and their harvesting techniques together with our more modern growing knowledge will ensure the highest quality of raw materials

Cannabis Processing

During the growing process, each strain is meticulously monitored by an agronomist team in order to guarantee the consistent quality control the patients value the most. After the harvest, the initial focus of the operation is the optimization of the cannabinoid production and strain processing which will ensure a consistent quality control. The processing of the different cannabinoid strains will be carried out solely by Eticann labs, a Colombian company with a network of healthcare professionals with years of proven experience around the world.

Our Partners
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Why Invest in Medical Cannabis?

In this ever-changing, fast paced world one thing is certain, and that is that fortune favors the bold.

Seeding your investment

You have the opportunity to take part in a business with existing and growing orders, seeding your investment with the knowledge it will grow at a quite satisfactory rate.


New opportunities come with the advancement of technology that can enable to meet the demands of an emerging market.