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What We Do

Best Business Hub is a platform that not only links experienced growers and investors. Providing over-watch and guidance alongside our technical and financial expert teams. We give everyone the opportunity to join a growing community of partners in an operation that enhances and consistently monitors the process of medical cannabis cultivation.

Why We Do it

The Structure of our Platform is the secret of our success, it begins with a community based on a long term relationship, using a proven investment strategy used on large scale cultivation with strict manufacturing leadership. Our Screening process for Investors and Cultivators determines our transparency creating cannabis companies built strong for the long haul.

Years of Experience
Available Hectares for Cultivation
Social Projects for local communities

Investment Plans in the fastest Growing Industry

Our Vision

To become the leading platform that connects between potential investors and licensed medical cannabis growers worldwide. We plan to achieve this target by implementing our micro investments plans in Colombia and expand outwards from there on.

Our Mission

We strive to introduce Colombia to micro-investment opportunities which will enable anyone interested to take part in an industry normally reserved for large capital investors. It is our goal to excel while executing good manufacturing practices, good agricultural practices and full compliance with the local government regulations.

Existing Operations: Our proven path to success

BBH gathers a large group of individuals who possess a vast amount of knowledge relevant to this booming industry. Some of our partners are globally known and hold unmeasurable value when it comes to distribution, while others have the necessary know-how for the unique growing methods of this magical plant. We are proud to be the ones making the difference. Have the confidence in making this step into the future.

Why ?

Colombia is an Agricultural Paradise with prime natural conditions that are ideal for growing Cannabis.

Colombia has the land, manpower, and infrastructure necessary to exhaust up to 44% of the global demand for medical cannabis. Companies from the USA and Canada are now rushing to invest in Colombian operations.

Colombia’s production costs are significantly lower because services such as labor and electricity are less costly in comparison to other parts of the world.

Legislature: Colombia possesses a sophisticated and “forward-thinking” legislature system that is ready for the sustainable expansion of this new industry,