Colorado Cultivators

Colorado Cultivators

Our operations in the US are located in Colorado, at a facility that houses over 3 million plants within a 250 hectares farm.

Medicinal Cannabis was legalized in Colorado in the year 2000. Ever since the legalization, we see more and more states joining the movements and legalizing the use of medical cannabis as well. Our US-based cannabis farm is paramount to supply North America’s increasing demand.


  • 250 + Hectares
  • Dispensaries close by – Great for the retail end of the business
  • Seedling Operation – Our quality seeds are provided by Affinity Seeds© and LivinSeeds©

Colorado has a long history working with legalized medicinal cannabis. Our affiliated companies in the US guarantee a flawless communication between growth operation, CBD by-product extraction, port processing as well as the final sale and distribution to dispensaries.