Colombian Cultivators

Colombian Cultivators

The city of Magdalena is located on the North Coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Region.

The city borders with the Caribbean Sea on the north and the Guajira area on the northeast, irrigated by both the Palomino and the Guaraní rivers, a nature filled part of the country that offers all of the necessary components for sustainable growth.

The ideal agricultural climate is essential when choosing a location for growing cannabis. Magdalena’s natural hydrology provides our plantations with the optimal levels of humidity and quality of soil needed for growing medical cannabis.


  • 150 + Hectares
  • Specialized Training for Every Group of Growers
  • Natural Hydration Capabilities

Having a designated project office in Barranquilla, Colombia will enable us to overcome the difficulties of managing any operation remotely. This office will only serve existing and interested partners of the Best Business Hub.

Our grow rooms are perfectly equipped with the right environment for a healthy development of our plants; from the seedling, to processing to the final line of products offered.