Business Model

Business Model

Growth & Harvesting: Best Business Hub’s network of trained workforce, comprised of private growers and indigenous communities, implement sustainable harvesting techniques in Valle del Cauca, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, and Valledupar to ensure only high-quality raw materials.

Cannabis Processing: optimization of cannabinoid production and strain processing, always ensuring quality control.

The processing of the variety of cannabis strains is performed by Best Business Hub’s network of healthcare professionals. Each pressure is meticulously monitored by the analytics team to guarantee quality control.

Best Business Hub is committed to constant innovation to develop revolutionary phytochemicals and optimize cannabinoid production.

The goal is to better people’s quality of life with the help of a natural resource that’s already available to us, that’s cost-effective and who’s production will impact positively on the environment, always giving back3. Commercialization –BEST BUSINESS HUB LABS: design and development of pharmaceutical plants, implementing processing, containment, and sterilization technology.

Final Product (White Label): export of viable products, scientific know-how, and market expertise.