USA Partners

Eticann Labs

Eticann Labs are fully operational extraction laboratories with over 5 years of operation in various locations between Colorado and Oregon,* fed by the lines of the same holding company to meet the need for final product laboratories. These extractors manufacture from Crude Oil, Distillates and Insulated. This for different customers in the industry. These Laboratories have an installed capacity to meet the production need of the holding company, but they are in a constant process of growth, in line with the need and market growth

Affinity Seeds

The company was founded in 2018 by Kerry L. Shaklee Ph.D and Steven Rodríguez. While these names may not mean much they come equipped with more than 45 years of experience in infrastructure construction along with 15 years of experience in crop cultivation in the greater Denver, Colorado area. *The company operates out of Picadelly, is a company dedicated to Hemp growth for large-scale seed production with high-quality genetics

Livin Seeds

The company was founded in 2018 by Gerardo Uribe and Steven Rodríguez, industry leaders with more than 45 years in infrastructure construction and 15 years of experience in crops in the Denver, Colorado area. Located in Denver, Livin Seeds is a company dedicated to growing Hemp with high-quality genetics for large-scale seed production.

Carmen´s Medicinal

Founded by Juan Tamayo and Gerardo Uribe in 2018, this laboratory is in the last phase of the vertical integration to Eticann Holding Group’s chain. Carmen’s Medicinal manufactures the end products (to be sold to consumers) in its Pharma Natural facilities in Florida an FDA certified, state-of-the-art laboratory with the best manufacturing conditions and quality control. Carmen´s Medicinal is a brand that was born from personal experience of the partners and is a reliable demonstration of what CBD can do to help human beings around the globe. Additionally, the company has an operator called Isonux which manufactures white CBD brands for different customers, the raw materials necessary is supplied by the same holding companies located in Colorado and Oregon.

Phrana Services

The company was founded by founded by María Alejandra Rozo, a Cannabis entrepreneur who now has over 10 years of experience in Cannabis logistics. Phrana Services is the engine in charge of organizing the entire operation of Eticann Holding Group in North America.
Phrana services is not only limited to the provision of services of Cannabis companies but it also provides operational and logistics solutions for restaurants and small stores, both in and out of the cannabis industry.

Colombia Partners

Eticann Zomac

Eticann Zomac is one of the oldest parent companies in the group, it started its licensing in 2017 and had all necessary licenses approved. The company is located in La Paila and its area of influence is Valle del Cauca and Cauca with over 50 hectares of land for cultivation. Eticann Zomac holds signed international agreements with publicly traded companies such as Valens GroWorks and it is another source of seeds to the parent holding company. This company has a development aimed at having an extraction laboratory to accommodate its large-scale contracts for the supply of oil based cannabis products.

Roots Capital

Roots Capital acts as one of the parent companies under the main holding company and is located in Tolu-Sucre, its areas of influence are Sucre, Montería and parts of Bolívar. The company has logistics advantages seeing as it has clear and ready access road and air potrs. The high amount of responsibility this company has was originally granted due to the 200 licensed Hectares of land it has, ready for operation together with the 300 additional Hectares of land it has available for further expansion. This parent company is in the dry and warm zone of the country which is carefully monitored throughout the cultivation process using high end machinery. Roots Capital has a license granted for non-psychoactive cultivation and in now in the process of obtaining further licenses to expand its operations into psychoactive cultivation and derivatives as well.

North Coast Cannabis Co.

The North Coast Cannabis Company is located in Algarrobo-Magdalena and its area of influence is the northern area of Magdalena and Cesar. This parent company was structured to cover a large amount of cultivation since it now has more than 150 licensed Hectares of land ready for cultivation with the opportunity to grow into a further 150 Hectares. NCCC has a license granted for non-psychoactive cultivation and in now in the process of obtaining further licenses to expand its operations into psychoactive cultivation and derivatives as well.

Livin Capital

In Colombia there is the structure of the holding company based on headquarters and below a number of cultivating partners that supply raw material (dried flower), Livin is one of the parent companies that have an industrial park structure, is located in Aguachica, operating In the high areas of Cesar and Santander, this parent company has more than 700 initial hectares available and is currently in operation at PEAS, it is one of the companies with a seed source that delivers the genetics (seeds) of cultivation to the holding company. Dry tropical areas This parent company has granted the cultivation and seed licenses, the Derivatives license is pending.