Best Business Hub: A Smart Investment Model


The Cannabis business has recently become a mainstream channel for business opportunities. What was too risky for large and institutional investors a few years ago has now turned into a good business prospect. According to experts, the Cannabis industry will continue to prosper in the next years, as its legalization expands.

Eight years ago, Cannabis might have seemed like an odd market for private equity firms to focus on. For the past few years, we have experienced a series of fundamental changes in the global economy. Now, over 30 states in the U.S have legalized medical Cannabis and 8 more allowed the recreational use of it. Canada has joined this revolution by legalizing recreational marijuana with some giant companies even going as far as developing cannabis-infused beverages.

Cannabis-related businesses constitute as one of the fastest growing industries in North America. In 2016 the medical marijuana market was worth $4.7 billion and it is expected to reach 13.3 billion by 2020. There’s no doubt the marijuana industry has become an attractive opportunity for investors, offering revenue and expansion across the continent.

At Best Business Hub we are well aware of the potential of cannabis, which was the reason why we have decided to explore the therapeutic potential of the plant. We aim at becoming a premium supplier to the medical marijuana consumers; we plan to accomplish this through the introduction of our high-quality product line in the global market.

Our innovative business model offers agricultural opportunities to investors with any budget, seeking for smart investment projects. We are proud to be the first company in Colombia to offer micro-investment plans in the agricultural industry in general and in the medical cannabis sector specifically.

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Smart Investment?

This is a very smart investment indeed! The cannabis industry is experiencing unprecedented growth globally and it is expected to triple in the next five years. Cannabis has even made its way to Wall Street; this is how investors have been able to generate profits from this industry so far.

The stock market price of some producers of medical cannabis has shown a rate of growth much higher than that of traditional sectors or new technologies over the past year and the traditional pharmaceutical industry has not ignored this boom in the cannabis sector. Major pharmaceutical companies have established strategic alliances mainly with Canadian companies, to gain the market for the production and distribution of cannabis preparations for therapeutic purposes.

BDS Analytics says the market looks totally promising as it exposes figures where global spending on cannabis products will have more than doubled to $32 billion by 2020. In terms of the IED “greenfield”, Colombia ranks second behind the US, as it has targeted 15 projects valued at approximately $1.05 million, according to the Financial Times (FT) data service that monitors the transboundary investments.

Our company is based in Colombia because the country has positioned itself as a leading producer in the global cannabis industry and has become the second largest destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Mild weather and proximity to North America have turned Latin America and the Caribbean into one of the fastest growing regions for cannabis production and research, and Colombia ranks first in this business.

According to the Cannabis Financial Network Agency:

Colombia is currently the only country where cannabis exports are openly promoted, making it the current center for the development of cannabis. The combination of a government-led approach to exports, an ideal growth climate and extremely low cost of production make Colombia a crucial focus for short-term development.

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