Latam Market: What Every Investor Should Know

latam market

Latin America is becoming  the epicenter of “new era investments”. There’s been a significant uptick in startups and funding in the region while the market continues to mature and expand.

A question that emerged among foreign investors when considering funding the Latam market is: Why invest in this region when there are plenty of successful companies in my own country? 

In general, investments should be done on a stock-by-stock basis, not country-by-country. It’s important to note that political, economic, regulatory and other risks within a country factor into the decision on whether a company has the potential for investment. 

Therefore, once you’ve resolved that picking stocks is based on the stocks themselves, you can then consider the currency, political and economic risks within countries.

Colombia has made strong strides in erasing its image as a safe haven for drugs and rebels, transforming it into a country where businesses are welcomed and encouraged. Colombia is currently ranked 4th in the world when it comes to agricultural exports, a true testament to Colombia’s evolving economy.

Best Business Hub is the first company in Colombia offering micro-investment plans in the agricultural industry as a whole and the medical cannabis sector in specific. This opens the doors of agricultural based opportunities to newcomers with a wide variety of budgets. 

Additionally, land and labor costs in the region are significantly lower, making it an attractive choice for North American cannabis companies that wish to expand. Best Business Hub aims to broaden the possibilities for those interested in being a part of the new Latam market.

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