It’s Time to Invest in the Latin American Market

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Latin America and the Caribbean have become target markets for international investors looking to develop businesses for export and manufacturing. This market is working on the development of infrastructure in order to become a supply hub for the consolidated European and North American markets.

Latin American economies are emerging due to their diverse populations, cultures, and abundance of natural resources. These aspects make the region of specific interest to investors looking to diversify their portfolios outside of the USA and Europe. 

Colombia is ranked 65th amongst 190 countries for its smoothness of conducting business and it is widely considered the most business-friendly country in Latin America. Its economy grew 3.5 percent in 2019 and scores highly in simplicity when obtaining credit, protecting minority investments and resolving insolvency.

Thanks to its diverse natural resources, Colombia is known for the great variety of agro-industrial products, all of the high quality and marked by innovation. This produces a country with very favorable options for investors who want to take advantage of the growing global demand for agricultural products.

There has never been a better time for foreign investors to incorporate a business venture in the Latin American market. An expanding market that offers low taxation, significant fair trade agreements, and a young, well-educated workforce.

Latin America has come a long way in recent years, but its charms aren’t always obvious. It’s a market that suits a stock-picking approach, digging deep to find the real growth in an exciting region. Suitable, if you are looking five or ten years ahead; Latin American assets at today’s prices are worth a strong look.

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