2020: A New Era for Latin American Investment

latin american investment

The World Bank predicts that in 2020, the Latin American economy will rise to a tepid 1.8 percent, from an estimated 0.8 percent growth in 2019. “Latam has two fabulous demographic attributes that developed countries would like to have: a significant rate of growing populations and a thriving middle class. This means that by increasing the power of the middle class, the acquisition of a wider range of products and services will increase” – said Cesar Manent, partner and co-founder of 5th Street Advisors.

There are numerous factors that boost Latin American investment. However, natural resources, infrastructure, and consumer goods are what continues to attract foreign investors.

One of the countries that have positioned itself as a leader in the region over the past decades is Colombia. From a business standpoint, the country is characterized by political stability and a strong respect for private property. According to ‘’Doing Business’’, Colombia has positioned itself as the fourth friendliest destination in Latin America to do business. 


Why Invest in Colombia?


  • Stability and trustworthiness as a partner
  • Economy completely immersed in the global market
  • Efficiently interconnected with the world
  • Skilled labour
  • Excels in innovation
  • Competitive legal framework
  • Government’s commitment to development


Specialists have shown that Colombia’s economy will continue to grow in the near future and with it, investments will gain value. Investing is vital in a time of growth and Colombia is an excellent location to do so. 

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